3 Things to Remember When Planning to Shred Documents

shredded documents as a result of confidential document shredding

Document shredding is an integral part of any business’s document destruction process. However, it’s important to remember that proper document shredding isn’t just a matter of tossing the documents in a paper shredder. 

You need to remember certain things before you start shredding documents, such as the type of documents being shredded, the type of shredder you should use, and how to dispose of the shredded documents properly. 

Let’s take a look at some tips for preparing for document shredding

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What is Document Shredding?

Document shredding is an interconnected storage and destruction solution that preserves audit trails, maintains safety protocols, and offers secure destruction of confidential documents. It is the process of reducing paper or any other physical media to small, unreadable pieces without leaving any record of confidential information. 

Document shredding helps prevent data theft by making it nearly impossible for anyone to reconstruct sensitive data from shredded paper particles. Companies commonly rely on this process to keep audit trails safe and accessible while enhancing security and protecting confidential information.

Why is Proper Document Destruction Necessary for Companies?

Secure Document Destruction Process 

Document shredding is a secure process that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. It destroys documents beyond recognition so that they cannot be reconstructed or read by anyone other than those with authorized access. This helps protect your business from potential data breaches and keeps your customer data secure. Additionally, document shredding helps prevent identity theft since it destroys personal information such as Social Security numbers, account numbers, addresses, and more. 

Compliance with Privacy Laws

Businesses are required to comply with privacy laws when disposing of documents containing personal information about customers or employees. Document shredding makes sure you stay compliant with these laws by securely destroying any documents containing sensitive information before unauthorized individuals can access them. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of being fined or facing legal action due to a breach of privacy regulations.  

Reduced Risk of Fraudulent Activity 

Document shredding reduces the risk of fraudulent activity by ensuring that any documents containing confidential information are destroyed before they can be used for malicious purposes. This helps protect your business from potential scams and other fraudulent activities that could otherwise cost you money and put your customers at risk. It also lets you track what documents have been destroyed, so you know exactly which ones need to be replaced or updated if necessary. 

3 Things to Remember When Planning to Shred documents 

1.Choose Your Documents Carefully 

The first step in preparing for document shredding is to choose which documents need to be destroyed. Be sure only to select those that contain confidential or sensitive information, such as customer data, financial records, and employee records. Do not attempt to destroy any documents marked “do not destroy” or “permanent record.” These should be stored securely in accordance with company policy and regulatory requirements. 

2.Pick the Right Shredder 

Once you have chosen your documents, it is time to select a suitable shredder. If you are dealing with large volumes of paper, opting for an industrial-grade cross-cut or strip-cut paper shredder is best. This will ensure that all papers are effectively destroyed without worrying about overloading the machine or damaging its blades. On the other hand, a personal-use model might be sufficient if you are dealing with a smaller number of pages. 

3. Proper Disposal 

Finally, once all documents have been successfully shredded, it is essential to dispose of them correctly. Most companies follow industry standards when disposing of their shredded materials by using secure containers such as locked bins or dumpsters with lids that prevent access from unauthorized individuals. It is also important to remember that recycled paper is unsuitable for document destruction since confidential information can still be retrieved even after being shredded. Instead, opt for a professional document shredding service offered by a specialized company such as Kelly’s Storage. This will guarantee complete privacy and security when destroying your business’s confidential materials. Let us tell you why you must opt for confidential shredding services. 

Why Choose Professional Document Shredding Services? 

Choosing a professional and expert document shredding service should be an essential practice for businesses looking to protect their confidential data. Not only will it keep your business safe from identity theft, but it will also ensure that your customer’s data is secure and protected.  

Here is how you can benefit from acquiring the services of any professional document shredding company. 

Complete and Secure Destruction of Documents 

One of the most important reasons to choose a professional document shredding service is that it ensures the complete destruction of all confidential materials. For example, the process may not be as secure if you opt for an in-house solution, such as buying your own paper shredder. Not only could there be gaps in the destruction that leave documents vulnerable to data breaches or identity theft, but the time required for employees to manually feed papers into the machine can take away from their productivity and cost you money. 

Cost-Effective and Reliable 

On top of these security benefits, confidential shredding services are also more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining your own equipment. Costs such as electricity usage and maintenance—not to mention staff time—are eliminated with a professional service since they offer on-site destruction at your convenience. Furthermore, working with a reliable provider means that you can rest assured that all shredded material is recycled responsibly. Finally, by opting for a professional document shredding service, you will have peace of mind knowing that all confidential documents have been destroyed according to industry standards and regulations.


In conclusion, document shredding is essential for businesses looking to protect their confidential data and ensure compliance with privacy laws. It’s important to remember that specific steps are involved to ensure complete security and privacy when destroying confidential material. 

It involves choosing your documents carefully, selecting the right type of paper shredder for your needs, and disposing of shredded materials properly. However, instead of going through all this trouble, you can opt for professional document shredding services and save time and money. 

The peace of mind brought about by investing in confidential shredding services will make sure your business remains compliant with relevant regulations and help protect you against potential data breaches and legal repercussions down the line!

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