For many businesses, document scanning is an important tool used during day-to-day operations. Particularly in this day in age where almost everything is digital.

Some companies have the luxury of being able to carry out their scanning requirements in-house. However, for those of thus that aren’t as lucky, or those looking to carry out a large-scale document scanning project (i.e. bulk scanning) working with a professional document scanning company is the answer. 

Bulk document scanning: Start your businesses digital transformation today!

Secure document scanning services - How it's done

When it comes to bulk document scanning, it’s important to understand the process in order to determine if the document scanning company you are looking to collaborate with is a good fit for your business and has all the necessary procedures in place to support GDPR and your audit requirements.

View our infographic below to learn about the process we take when providing you with a comprehensive scanning solution

Infographic about the bulk document scanning journey

Professional document scanning services

We provide businesses across London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey with professional document scanning services.

We provide you with a comprehensive solution, in line with GDPR and other regulations to ensure both you and your client’s confidential information is protected, supporting your industry’s audit requirements.

Bulk document scanning