Document shredding is an earth-friendly practice that helps protect sensitive information while preserving the environment.

Additionally, it also increases recycling rates, reducing wasteful consumption’s environmental impact. To put it simply, document shredding is a green footprint for sustainability – not only for businesses but for the planet as a whole.

Let us learn how proper document shredding can make the world a better place to live and breathe.

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How Document Shredding Helps Make the Earth Greener

Even though we live in a digital age, paper is still an everyday office supply. However, improper paper management and document and file disposal could increase your company’s carbon footprint and harm the environment.

Working with a paper shredding company like Kelly’s Storage can help you lower your company’s carbon footprint and safely comply with regulatory regulations by doing confidential paper shredding and recycling, which is good for the environment and your business.

This document destruction service helps reduce the amount of unneeded waste sent to the landfill and actively helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions since it requires fewer resources and energy consumption than traditional document disposal methods.

Why Companies Must Lower Their Carbon Footprint

More than ever, it’s crucial for every organization to make sure its operations contribute to climate change. Humans produce an enormous amount of global trash from various sources, including industries, housing, and technologies. The amount of waste paper that has yet to be effectively recycled in landfills worldwide is close to 26 million tons. Commercial document shredding by companies is one of the ways to help reduce this burden from the face of the earth and can help in saving the trees and the environment.

For most people and businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic served as a moment for evaluation, and many discovered that their efforts were focused on being more ecologically friendly. It is a tremendous accomplishment because recycling rates in Europe grew in 2020 from 72.5% to 73.9%. And if more people and companies got involved, this would contribute to further raising the recycling rates.

Advantages of Business Document Shredding

Although confidential document shredding helps secure your company’s unused confidential documents, it also helps with climate change. The following are the benefits of document shredding:

Save Forests

According to Rainforest Action Network, about 3.5 and 7 billion trees are chopped off yearly for their wood. Suppose more businesses could use paper shredding services or professional paper shredders. In that case, you’d be on your way to saving more trees and lowering your company’s carbon footprint, knowing that all paper is securely recycled. One ton of recycled paper prevents cutting 17 trees and more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

Minimize the Use of Water and Energy

The company requires much energy, water, and money to function correctly. But paper shredding companies use 70% less energy and water consumption than producing new paper from trees.

Reduces Landfill Waste

Paper accounts for 26% of global landfills since it is not recycled properly. Therefore, your company will contribute to reducing the world’s rising landfill problem by confidential recycling and shredding through the use of a paper shredding company or professional paper shredder.

Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

There are several ways that a paper shredding company reduces greenhouse gases. First, plants absorb CO2, which helps build up greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Second, by recycling paper, less paper will be used, which reduces emissions from machinery and cars that would otherwise require additional tree-cutting. And finally, by not needing to produce as much paper, pollution from the paper industry will also be decreased.

The Importance of Document Shredding for Your Office

The importance of document shredding for a workplace can be summed up as follows:

Creates Space in Office

Who wants their office to be filled with a massive amount of disorganized papers and outdated documents? It looks unpleasant and is not useful. By shredding your documents, you’ll not only free up more space for anything you desire, but the place will also look a lot better.

A Requirement of Law

Businesses are required by law to safeguard the privacy and identity of their clients and staff. Private information on paper will be easier to access than in a password-protected database.

Therefore, no unauthorized individuals must come into possession of these records. To safeguard your organization from this threat, you must use a company to perform commercial document shredding.

Additionally, the government has imposed sanctions reaching up to 4% of the offender’s annual global turnover for violating its privacy regulations.


Document shredding lowers the amount of trash disposed of away in landfills. Pollution from landfills contaminates the water, air, and land. Shredded Neat ensures that all shredded waste and confidential papers are recycled and never sends rubbish to landfills.


Using confidential document shredding services will save you time and effort. Allowing businesses to destroy your records will save you time and effort. As a result, employees have more time to focus on critical projects and complete their daily work.

Prevents Identity Theft

Any paper containing personal information can be used to steal someone’s identity. Identity thieves may apply for credit and debit cards or passports in your name using personal information from documents you discard without destroying them.

Although it may seem unlikely, people have been known to examine garbage cans for private documents.


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With the growing concern of increasing pollution in the world, Governments are making policies to lower pollution and make the earth green again. For this purpose, we need to save more trees and lessen the use of non-renewable resources. Alone in the United States, offices use about 12.1 trillion paper sheets annually. Later, it becomes a massive pile of trash needed to be disposed of. How can we reduce this huge amount?

As discussed in this article, document shredding is the most reliable way to decrease this potential pollutant. It saves forests, minimizes water and energy usage, reduces landfill wastes as it recycles, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it helps your business clean, which creates more space, prevents the leak of critical information from the office, and is eco-friendly.

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