A lot of data is being piled up in companies and businesses over time due to their growth. So, it becomes essential to free up some space by destroying their old records and documents that are no longer needed.

These confidential documents must be shredded in a secure way to prevent any bad consequences later on. It is also a legal obligation to dispose of old confidential information in a secure way. The best way to protect customer and company data is document shredding.

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Secure Document Shredding by law

The data protection act of 1988 emphasizes that all organizations and businesses secure the data of users and clients to protect their privacy at any rate. If a company or organization don’t follow the rules and regulation of the data protection act of 1988 and 2018, then they will be charged heavy fines of millions of pounds.

Section 55-A made the acquisition of personal data illegal. It declared unauthorized access to personal data an offense for other party people, such as impersonators, hackers, and people outside the organization.

So, to avoid high fines and lose your company’s reputation, it is advisable to invest in expert document shredding services.

What is the GDPR?

GDPR is Europe’s new data security and privacy law that includes hundreds of pages of rules and regulations and new data privacy requirements for organizations all around the world.

These GDPR guidelines allow European citizens to have more control over their personal data for their security.

This law empowers businesses and people at the same time by developing more trust among them. Users will provide their personal data easily to organizations because they trust you about their data.

Secure Document Shredding

To ensure you are abiding by GDPR law, secure document shredding is essential for businesses. It will ensure the protection of customers’ data and the organization’s confidential documents. So, contacting a highly experienced and trustworthy data shredding company is extremely important to acquire secure document shredding services.

Why is Secure Document Shredding Important?

It is a Legal Obligation

In addition to being beneficial for your business, destroying useless confidential papers is also a legal obligation.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which was modified in 2018, compel every company to take all required precautions to protect the privacy and confidentiality of its data. Whether the data is paper-based or maintained electronically, securing company data includes properly shredding sensitive papers. Government fines and penalties may be imposed for breaking the rules and laws as established under the GDPR.

Not shredding data-sensitive documents in a secure way can result in huge fines of millions of euros, and it will also threaten your company’s name in the market.

It Protects Your Organizations Data from Cyber Criminals

One of the most common crimes today is identity theft and the cyber selling of sensitive information. As criminals get smarter, they are searching for new methods to steal their victims’ personal and sensitive data. They are now targeting private, confidential documents that companies have not properly destroyed, such as employee payment slips, tax slips, or credit cards from clients.

You must protect all client and staff information as a business owner through secure confidential document shredding. You must make sure that these private records are securely and permanently deleted whenever you no longer require them. Confidential paper shredding guarantee that any sensitive information is destroyed and made inaccessible to identity thieves.

It Frees up Your Office Space

Shredding documents that you no longer require frees up much space in your office. You can use that additional space later to add some crucial office equipment, such as computers, printers, scanners, or new important documents.

You can use that free office space more productively to add more important stuff close to you in a much tidy and better way.

You can add some nice furniture in that space that will be appealing to your potential customers later on.

In addition to adding more office space, shredding useless documents can also add more storage and cabinet space. This additional room can be used to arrange the required files. You’ll have quicker and easier access to crucial papers with better file organization.

It Builds Your Authority and Customer's Trust

When you undergo confidential document shredding in a fully protective way, your image in the market will also be enhanced. This makes your organization more trustworthy among your customers and builds your value and authority in the corporate world.

Your organization is looked at as a responsible entity when you really care about the personal and sensitive information of your customers, employees, and organization. This act also attracts more customers and investors to your company.

Customer trust is everything that a business or organization needs. When you take serious steps to protect your customers’ data, even when it becomes useless, you directly strengthen your customers’ trust.

What Documents Should be Shredded?

All the documents that contain any kind of personal or confidential information about the organization, customers, and employees must be shredded in a very safe manner. Businesses handle numerous documents from daily operations, including receipts of transitions, business letters, resumes, and many others. Here is a short list from which you can get an idea about what documents to be securely shredded when they are no longer needed:

  • Employee and Customers Photo Identification Cards
  • Tax Returns
  • Receipts
  • Resumes
  • Employment records of your employees
  • Bank Statements and Bank Checks
  • Credit Cards and Credit Card Information
  • All the documents containing the email addresses, names, or phone numbers of your customers or employees.


Since it became a legal obligation, document shredding has become a crucial part of businesses. In spite of legal matters, it is also ethically important for organizations and businesses to securely dispose of their data to ensure the privacy and protection of their customers and employees.

In this regard, Kelly’s records management has been working excellently for many years in providing highly secure document shredding services. They have highly expert and qualified staff for the complete data shredding process, and they provide you with a certificate at the end of the shredding process, which ensures the trust and security of both parties.

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