Tips and Tricks: How to Dispose of Old IT Equipment

Old IT equipment that can be disposed of using WEEE disposal services

Businesses can fulfil their legal and environmental obligations by the disposal of IT assets regularly and appropriately. The ever-expanding layers of data protection requirements that mandate the deletion of data that is no longer needed make now an excellent time to launch a formal initiative for IT equipment disposal.


In fact, the more data your business retains, the more likely it is that a hacker will obtain access to it. Businesses are susceptible to hackers if IT assets are not disposed of safely. Nobody wants to suffer the consequences of mishandling sensitive information, either.


Let me first describe the advantages of disposing of IT assets before we move on to the section on tips and tricks for disposing of old IT equipment.

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Advantages of Disposal of IT Assets

The following are the advantages of old IT equipment disposal:

Environment-Friendly IT Disposal

Deteriorating IT infrastructure also poses a threat to the environment. If e-waste is not properly disposed of, it could contaminate the soil and groundwater. According to United Nations Environment, unsafe recycling practices could expose employees to toxins like mercury and lead. According to UN News, 50 million tons of electronic waste are discarded yearly, more than the total weight of all commercial aero-planes ever created.

To manage surplus IT assets effectively and efficiently while adhering to the necessary compliance standards and audit criteria, the IT asset disposal companies like Kelly’s Storage can provide your business with a comprehensive and sustainable IT disposal service.

Make a Complicated Task Easier

Electrical and electronic products that are being discarded are addressed by the abbreviation WEEE, or waste electrical and electronic equipment. As a result, “WEEE recycling” refers to recycling old electrical items or parts. Furthermore, terms like “WEEE disposal” and “WEEE collection” refer to the management of the end-of-life of any product with a plug, cable, or battery.

Recycling our old electrical equipment is critical for conserving scarce natural resources and lowering emissions contributing to global warming. The recycling network is expanding, allowing more of us to join. For you to focus on what matters, like maintaining and growing your business, companies like Kelly’s Storage offer hassle-free WEEE disposal services.

Recycling of WEEE

Regardless of a company’s size, disposal of IT assets can be intimidating, considering the amount even small enterprises and business owners can generate. After all, it can take time to identify which IT assets are in use. Even though some businesses watch every keystroke their employees make, it’s still being determined whether they keep their five-pound business PCs at home.

The best course of action is to outsource the disposition of IT assets to professionals. They are both competent in their respective fields and excel in them. According to Recycling Today, the ratio of outsourced IT asset dispositions climbed from 70% to 87% between 2015 and 2016.

5 Tips and Tricks to Dispose of your Old IT Equipment

Here are some sustainable and environment-friendly waste disposal tips and tricks you can utilize to dispose of electronic waste:

1.   Give Your Electronic Waste to a Registered E-Waste Recycling Company

The perk of recycling e-waste is that numerous solutions are available to you.

You must seek an e-waste recycler who has received official certification from the Basel Action Network (BAN). BAN is a non-profit organization of recycling businesses committed to safely and responsibly recycling e-waste. Every member must take the Oath of Responsible Recycling and display it. Therefore, dealing with a registered recycler means you won’t have to worry about contaminating another country or giving hackers access to your personal information..

Take These Measures Before Donating or Recycling Your IT Equipment

  • Instead of merely replacing your computer, upgrade it.
  • Format all of your personal information before discarding it from your products.
  • Before disposing of any of your devices, remove the batteries.

2.   Return Old IT Devices to Your Electronic Companies

When you buy a newer model of an electronic device, many companies have an exchange program whereby they accept your old ones and, occasionally, give you a discount on the new one.

A few recycling businesses have established electronic drop-off programs and drop-off points for devices like cell phones and tablets, which are then recycled. You can inquire about drop-off locations at your neighbouring electronics stores.

3.   Giving Your Old Technology to Charity

You can give old technology that you no longer need to charities since it might be valuable to someone else. Students or a non-profit organization might find a use for your old computer. Before getting rid of your old equipment, consider these 2 questions.

  • Does the electronic device function properly?
  • Any of your private information is on the computer?

You can select from the electronic donation schemes offered by numerous organizations and companies.

4.   Sell Off Your Outdated IT Equipment

As the phrase goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You can use this to aid in getting rid of your outdated equipment. You can sell your old devices during a garage sale and make some cash simultaneously, or you can use internet marketplaces like Gumtree and eBay. Examples include used Nintendo video games, which can fetch up to $40 each. The majority of electronic stores are always willing to buy your used equipment.

5.   Explore Civic Institutions

Many organizations have begun designating a specific day and location for environmentally aware residents to come and drop off their e-waste; ask your government, universities, and schools whether they operate any recycling programs.


Observing a collection of outdated technology gives us the impression that we may throw out the old and bring in the new. Many people develop a list of everything they no longer require or desire.

This is a fantastic method to make a fresh start. IT asset disposal is an excellent method to start letting go of the past and welcoming in the new. The outdated PCs that you no longer use or want are a perfect place to start.

You can get rid of the old gadgets by selling them to different electronic stores, donating them to different students or NGOs, returning the old equipment to electronic companies and can get a discount on the new one, or can give it to a registered E-waste recycling company like WEEE Disposal Services.

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